Three Advantages Of Choosing Frameless Sliding Doors


If you're looking at different door designs for the interior of your home, sliding doors are almost certainly something that you'll encounter. Many people appreciate the benefits of being able to slide a door open rather than swing it open. Beyond function, you want to choose sliding doors that offer a stylish appearance. Frameless sliding doors may be one type that appeals to you. As the name suggests, these are doors that don't have an external frame. This type of sliding door is often made of glass. Here are some advantages of choosing the frameless design.

Large Openings

Regardless of which opening in your home you're evaluating for a sliding door, you want to ensure that the opening looks large and inviting. You can achieve this feeling by choosing a frameless design. With this type of sliding door, there won't be a frame that gives the appearance of reducing the size of the opening. For example, if you have an opening between two rooms that you want to feel roomy, you won't want a sliding door with a thick frame because it can make the opening look smaller. A frameless design, especially when you choose clear glass instead of frosted glass, will work well in this application.

Modern Appearance

You'll often find that frameless sliding doors offer a modern appearance. Achieving this look may be important to you if you largely decorate your home in a modern way. Glass doors that are devoid of a frame around them can have a clean, sleek look that is a good visual match between two rooms that have a modern feel. For example, if your dining room has a modern-style table, as well as modern decor pieces throughout, it will be a good match if you choose a frameless sliding door because of how complementary they look.

Minimalist Feel

While you certainly want to choose frameless sliding doors that have a look that appeals to you, you may also like the idea of the doors not being a point of focus in the rooms on each side of them. Glass doors are effective because they can seemingly blend into the background. For example, if you have a bold-colored wall with a glass door in front of it, the wall will remain the focal point and the door might not be something that you focus on much. The frameless design ensures that this will be the case. With a frame around the door, you'd likely notice it more — even if the door itself were glass. Visit a sliding door specialist to look at different frameless models.

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2 September 2020

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When the time came to invest in a new patio door, I thought that something other than the older sliding glass door would be nice. That's when a friend suggested I look into the idea of installing French doors. After taking a look at the space, the contractor talked with me about how we could design the doors and achieve the look I had in mind. What I ended up with was actually two sets of French doors with a narrow stained glass window in between. I still had plenty of natural light coming into the space, but I also had the graceful look of the doors. If you are wondering if French doors are right for your home, let's talk. After you hear more about my project, I'm betting you'll want to ask a contractor if this approach is worth considering.