Have A Toddler? Three Child-Proofing Devices You Should Consider Installing On Your Garage Door


When your baby begins to explore and walk throughout your home, you take steps to baby-proof or toddler-proof your home. You cover electric outlets, put drawer locks in place, and install safety knobs over your stove knobs. But, one part of your home that can be dangerous to your baby or toddler that is often overlooked is the garage door. A garage door is heavy and can cause severe injury to your child if they are trapped, struck by, or stuck under the garage door. If you have a toddler, here are three child-proofing devices you should look into installing on your garage door. 

Auto-Reverse Features and Sensors

If you have an older garage door, your garage door may not have sensors and an auto-reverse feature. Both of these items work hand-in-hand to keep your baby or pets safe around the garage door. A sensor is placed in front of the garage door. If a motion is detected when the door is coming down, it triggers the auto-reverse feature. This stops the door from closing, and instead, causes it to re-open again. 

Garage Door Locks

Another safety feature you may wish to implement on your garage door is a garage door lock. There are two different types of garage door locks. One is an electronic lock that works with your electronic garage door opener. When you press the lock button, no one can open or close the garage door until the door is unlocked. This prevents your child from playing with the electronic opener and shutting themselves or a friend in the door. The other type of lock is a manual lock. This type of lock prevents your door from being opened electronically. Most kids cannot lift a garage door, so this helps to ensure that your child is safe. 

Rubber Seals

The last device you may consider having installed on your garage door to keep your child safe around it is rubber seals. Children are curious and, as such, they may try to slide their hands or fingers underneath the garage door. Garage doors can be sharp, especially if they are rusty or uneven. Placing a rubber seal along the underside of the door helps to ensure your child won't get scratched, scraped, or injured if they attempt to do this. 

Toddler-proofing a garage door is important, as it helps to keep your baby safe. If you are looking to baby- or toddler-proof your garage door, contact a garage door installation company. They can take a look at your door and work to install these devices to help ensure your child is safe around your garage door. 


21 November 2018

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