Ideas For Beautifying Your Garage Door


Garage doors are one of the largest parts of the home. As a result, how you design your garage door can have a substantial effect on the beauty of your home. Fortunately, with the right designs, it is possible to create a garage door that looks spectacular.

Match The Exterior

Garage doors should have a color that is similar to the color of your home exterior. This will cause your garage door to blend in. However, if you change your home exterior color, it might be a hassle to also change the exterior color of your garage door. Look for shapes that are a repeating theme and try to incorporate those shapes into the garage door. For instance, if your home's windows consist of arches, having garage doors that also consist of arches is a good option.

Go For Three Or Four Garage Doors

Having a three-door garage can make your home look more valuable than having two doors. Since two-door garages are so common, a three- or four-door garage will send a message that you are setting the world on fire and can afford more toys. Even if you do not have three cars, the extra space can be useful for storing other belongings.

Add Recessed Lighting

Adding recessed lighting above your garage doors can create a glowing effect. This can make your garage door look more inviting. It also has the practical benefit of making it easier to see if you must exit through your garage door late at night to walk the dog.

Follow A Theme

Another approach is to try to create a specific theme with your garage door that will match the theme of the rest of your home. If your home has a Mediterranean feel, a wooden door with an iron handle would look right in place. If you have a home that has a more oriental look, it would make more sense to have garage doors that match this theme. If you have a rustic home, a garage door that looks like a barn door would make sense. For a more modern home, a door with metal frames would make sense. Also, long, horizontal panels are a common feature of contemporary garage doors. 

Sometimes, a basic garage door is all you need if you want your house to just look like a house. There is nothing wrong with having a standard garage door as long as it is beautiful and matches the rest of the home. Contact a company like Premier Door Corp to learn more.


1 February 2017

French Doors: Considering Different Options

When the time came to invest in a new patio door, I thought that something other than the older sliding glass door would be nice. That's when a friend suggested I look into the idea of installing French doors. After taking a look at the space, the contractor talked with me about how we could design the doors and achieve the look I had in mind. What I ended up with was actually two sets of French doors with a narrow stained glass window in between. I still had plenty of natural light coming into the space, but I also had the graceful look of the doors. If you are wondering if French doors are right for your home, let's talk. After you hear more about my project, I'm betting you'll want to ask a contractor if this approach is worth considering.