Efficient Computer Removal Takes Smarter Planning


Depending on your reason for moving computers, you may need some skilled labor to get the job done. If it's a simple removal and disposal without replacement, there isn't much more to plan outside of basic moving logistics. If you plan on reorganizing computers, bringing in new systems, or doing anything that requires continuing technology, here are a few planning points to iron out before moving day.

Basic Tech Knowledge, Even For Removal

If you need to remove old computers but plan to move in new computers, are you keeping the old cables in place? For many workstation-based businesses, the act of restacking computer assets means simply plugging new systems in where the old systems were removed. Unfortunately, it's easy to damage these connections without the right knowledge.

Computer removal is more than just removing a few cables and even beyond unscrewing the few cables that have added security. Certain vital cables have added protections that are easy to manipulate, but can cause great damage if you simply rip them out. Ethernet cables are a class of network cabling that include tabs that should be pressed to unlock the cable's connector. It's not hard for a person who doesn't know about network cables to rip the cable out while breaking the tab.

How much does this matter? A cable can still work if just the tab is pulled out, but if the system is moved around or the cable is pulled or stepped on, it may come loose from the computer and end Internet connectivity for the computer or interrupt a transfer from the business share drive.

A broken tab is a problem, but still a lucky break. Many of the terminators (end pieces) for computer cables and peripherals are stamped on or lightly clamped with plastic, meaning that the connector may break off. If you have an Information Technology (IT) department, the cable can be clamped on after some trimming. If you don't have IT staff, it's time to buy a new cable.

These kinds of simple risks can be mitigated, but you'll need a professional commercial moving services team to handle the task. The difference between using your own employees (or hiring your own temporary workers without prior knowledge) is targeted training for your project.

Information On Recycling 

There are a lot of materials inside a computer that can be recycled, and it takes a person with at least entry level IT knowledge to get to the components efficiently. Aluminum, copper, and steel are some of the more common materials, but you need to think about how to get the materials out of the building in a timely fashion.

Your IT-skilled workers need to be focused on getting different materials separated or at least broken down to the component level. Designate a specific work area for these experts, then designate a pickup area for commercial movers.

As commercial movers handle any other moving requirements, they can pick up materials as recycling boxes fill up. This keeps the workflow of your professionals uninterrupted while keeping removal on schedule.

Contact a commercial moving services professional, such as those found at Diversified Installation Service Inc, to discuss different plans for moving precision equipment like computers and networking devices.


11 October 2016

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