Pros And Cons Of Different Styles Of Wood Replacement Windows


Wood replacement windows are popular due to the classic look of wood and the material's natural energy efficiency, which can help keep your energy bill low. Different styles of wood window frames are available that can suit a variety of needs and budgets. Consider the pros and cons of each style before meeting with your window installer.

Standard Wood Frames

Standard wood frames are what is meant when most people refer to wood window frames. The all-wood frames offer stellar energy efficiency and a timeless appearance that is available in a range of stain colors.

On the downside, wood frames are one of the most high-maintenance frame materials. Changing temperatures can cause the wood to warp, crack, or even start to rot. Insects can also cause damage to the frame material if left untreated. If you choose traditional wood frames, conduct regular maintenance and you should catch these problems before they worsen or require window replacement.

Aluminum-Clad Wood Frames

Want the energy efficiency of a wood window frame with a more durable exterior? Aluminum-clad wood frames might suit your needs.

Aluminum is a weather and insect resistant material that also offers a bit of soundproofing. A light layer of aluminum is bonded around the wood frame, which does hide the natural wood. But the aluminum can be fabricated to resemble the wood grain and stain colors of the natural wood.

Aluminum on its own doesn't offer much insulation so if you were looking for a way to bolster wood's already good energy efficiency this window isn't the best choice for you.

Vinyl-Clad Wood Frames

Vinyl-clad wood frames can help you boost the energy efficiency of wood frames since vinyl nearly matches wood in efficiency. The vinyl also offers a low-maintenance, durable coating that can rival aluminum.

The vinyl can be crafted to resemble wood but the result might still look a bit manufactured. The vinyl is stained or dyed during manufacturing, which means the color should last for a far longer time than surface-applied paint or stain.

One potential downside to a vinyl-clad frame is that the vinyl can add a bit of bulk to the frame's profile. This means the frame takes up more room in the sill, which can be a problem in narrower window sills. The size difference usually isn't substantial so the larger profile might not be an issue in your home. Ask your window installer for measurements if you are nervous about the size.

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30 December 2015

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