How To Install A Garage Door Spring


Garage door installation can be a tricky and time consuming project involving many steps but with the right tools you easily accomplish the task and save yourself a lot of money in the process. 

It is advised that you have a friend help you with the project as the various sections of the garage door will be heavy and large, making it very difficult to install on your own. A vital part of installing your garage door is to install the spring. The spring will be installed above your door and will act as the power that will pull the door up and slowly release it down. This is the final step in your garage door installation and must be done after you have successfully installed the sections of your garage door, connected them and fitted them along the garage door track.

Installing the spring

The first step in applying the spring is to fully raise the garage door. This is important because you have to install the spring while it is in its natural state, not being stretched out in any way.

Your garage door spring attaches to the bottom panel of the door via a steel cable. Simply find the end of the cable that has a loop in it and thread it around the pulley located on the horizontal section of the garage door track. Loop it around the connecting bolt located on the side of your bottom garage door panel. 

Take the other end of the cable and loop it around the pulley that is attached to your garage door spring. Then pull that end of the cable back to the bottom panel of the garage door and attach it onto the horizontal section of the track. This will create one continuous loop for the garage door to operate on successfully.

For safety, thread your safety cable through the garage door spring and secure it to the track. This is an important piece to install as it will prevent the spring from exploding should it break at any time while in use. 

Test the tension

To test that your spring is working correctly, slowly lower the garage door to its closed position and check the tension on the spring. If it is too tight or too loose then you may have to adjust the tightness of the spring cable. Once you've reached the desired tension then your garage door installation is complete. 

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15 December 2015

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